Version Changes
  • Support for TYPO3 7.6
  • Moved checkbox HTTPS Enforcer (SSL) within pages record to tab Behaviour, palette Miscellaneous
  • Changed TypoScript parameter names for standardization (Important: you have to rename former TypoScript constants as well as the vendor name in the controller configuration)
  • Include static TypoScript via TypoScript Template (Include static): Static TypoScript was moved to EXT:https_enforcer/Configuration/TypoScript
  • Complete documentation overhaul (is now built with Sphinx)
  • Removed deprecated function loadTCA
  • Update to namespace syntax in ext_tables.php
  • raise major release number in order to distinguish extbase / pibase version
  • fix documentation mistake (TypoScript configuration)
  • dependency settings changed (current version only works with TYPO3 v6.0 and higher)
  • documentation update
  • make extension compatible with extbase
  • fix always_allow_SSL bug [thanks, Tolleiv Nietsch!]
  • add sslPort option
  • added always_allow_SSL constant
  • when checking for an SSL connection, we now look at the superglobal $_SERVER instead of $GLOBALS['HTTP_SERVER_VARS']. $_SERVER is available since PHP 4.1 and the preferred method to access these variables, as the “long arrays” (HTTP_*_VARS) are deprecated for performance reasons and may be disabled in installations running on PHP 5, and the variables we need are not provided by typo3's t3lib_div::getIndepEnv() [thanks, Johnny, for researching this]
  • added https_enforcer.ssl_proxy constant and support for SSL proxys “invisible” to typo3
  • State changed to beta as we have started to do some development (and will do some more soon, see ToDo) and thus may introduce bugs
  • changed the way https_enforcer separates the (un)secure_typo3_root from the rest of the path so that it works well with the realurl extension