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Sample Configuration

Forum Systems is providing a free online LDAP test server that you can use for testing. If all you need is to test connectivity and do a proof of concept of connecting TYPO3 with an LDAP server, this is the right place to eliminate the need to download, install and configure an LDAP server just for testing. read more.



Option Value
Server Type OpenLDAP
Port 389
Bind DN cn=read-only-admin,dc=example,dc=com
Password password
Relation between groups and users Group contains the list of its members


Option Value
Base DN dc=example,dc=com
Filter (uid={USERNAME})
email = <mail>
realName = <cn>
tstamp = {DATE}
admin = 1


In this example, the last mapping line will automatically promote every LDAP user as TYPO3 administrator. This should of course be enabled only for quick testing without having to bother with available modules.


Option Value
Base DN dc=example,dc=com
Filter (&(uniqueMember={USERDN})(ou=*))
title = <cn>
tstamp = {DATE}


Option Value
Base DN dc=example,dc=com
Filter (uid={USERNAME})
pid = *id of your storage folder*
tstamp = {DATE}
email = <mail>
name = <cn>
last_name = <sn>

# <cn> is of the form "Albert Einstein"
# Extract first name as what comes
# before last "word"/blank space
first_name = <cn>
first_name.replacement.10 {
    search = /^(.*) ([^ ]+)$/
    replace = $1
    useRegExp = 1

Test Users and Groups

As of April 2015, four groups and a few users are available:

  • Mathematicians
    • euclid (Euclid)
    • euler (Leonhard Euler)
    • gauss (Carl Friedrich Gauss)
    • riemann (Bernhard Riemann)
  • Scientists
    • einstein (Albert Einstein)
    • galieleo (Galileo Galilei)
    • newton (Issac Newton) – known typo: (Isaac)
    • tesla (Nikola Tesla)
  • Italians
    • tesla (Nikola Tesla)
  • Chemists
    • boyle (Robert Boyle)
    • curie (Marie Curie)
    • nobel (Alfred Nobel)
    • pastuer (Louis Pastuer) – known typo: (Pasteur)


All user passwords are “password”.