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Scheduler automation

The extension provides a Scheduler task for automating the import of users from the configured LDAP servers.

The task comes with several options, as can be seen in the Scheduler module:

Configuration of the Scheduler task

Configuration options for the Scheduler task

The options are the following:

  • Mode: Choose to import LDAP users who are not yet available in TYPO3 or only synchronize existing TYPO3 users with changes from LDAP.


    This setting will be used for corresponding user groups as well.

  • Context: Choose to import only frontend users, backend users or both.

  • Configuration: Choose which configuration to use, or choose “All” to automate import of users from all available configurations.


    Disabled configurations are not considered during automation.

  • Handling of missing users: What to do with users which are not found on the LDAP server anymore. They can be deleted, disabled or left as is.

  • Handling of restored users: If user has been deleted or disabled locally, it may be automatically restored upon import. Each user may be either un-deleted, re-enabled or both. It can be also left as is by choosing to do nothing.