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Administrator Manual

Target group: Administrators

Extension installation

Installing the indieweb extension is easy and straightforward. Perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Extension Manager (EM)
  2. Select "Get extensions" from the function menu dropdown in the upper left corner, search for "indieweb" and install the extension by clicking on the "Import and install" icon to the left.
Extension Manager

Install the indieweb extension via the Extension Manager (EM)

Include the static TypoScript

Include the plugin's static TypoScript into the root template of your site.

Static TypoScript

Include the static TypoScript into your root template

External dependencies

Some of the extension's features require external packages. For example, the processing of webmentions require the micrometa parser for extracting author information out of referring remote documents. You have to pull in the external dependencies with Composer: On the command line, change to the extension's root directory (where the composer.json file is located) and run:

php composer.phar install

At some point in the future, the TYPO3 exension manager (EM) is supposed to support Composer dependencies natively. Right now, however, this doesn't seem to be very mature yet.

Enable specific features

Most of the extension's features can be enabled and configured via the constant editor. Please see the configuration reference for further details.