This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Configuration Reference

Target group: Developers

Most of the extension's features can be controlled via TypoScript constants. You may edit them using the constant editor. The following sections list the constants grouped by feature.



plugin.tx_indieweb.view.templateRootPath = path

Path to the Fluid template root directory (FE).


plugin.tx_indieweb.view.partialRootPath = path

Path to the Fluid partial root directory (FE).


plugin.tx_indieweb.view.layoutRootPath = path

Path to the Fluid layout root directory (FE).


plugin.tx_indieweb.persistence.storagePid = positive integer

ID of the default page used for storing records.


By default, webmentions are accepted using the page type 1500 and stored directly on the pages which they are referring to. During webmention processing (either synchronously or asynchronously), the notifying URL is requested, examined and the webmention gets verified. Information about the author as well as a context excerpt will be extracted and stored along with the webmention record.


A webmention itself doesn't have any effect by default. You will need to implement a custom hook in order to further exploit a webmention and e.g. translate it into a blog post comment or something similar. It is completely up to you what you are doing with the webmentions you receive. Please see the hooks section for details.


plugin.tx_indieweb.features.webmentions = boolean

Wheter to enable the receipt of webmentions. Enabling it will render a <link rel="webmention"> meta tag to the source code of frontend pages.


plugin.tx_indieweb.settings.webmentions.async = boolean

Wheter to process incoming webmentions asynchronously (e.g. in order to prevent DDoS attacks). Requires the "Process webmentions" scheduler task to be enabled and running in case you opt for asynchronous processing.

Scheduler task

Add and configure the "Process webmentions" scheduler task for asynchronous webmention processing


plugin.tx_indieweb.settings.webmentions.excerpt = positive integer

Length of context excerpts extracted out of linking documents (number of characters).


plugin.tx_indieweb.settings.webmentions.regtype = positive integer

Page type for registering webmentions. Defaults to 1500. There should be no need to change this except you have other extensions reserving this page type.


plugin.tx_indieweb.settings.webmentions.infotype = positive integer

Page type for requesting webmention relevant info from the pages your webmentions are referring to. Defaults to 1501. There should be no need to change this except you have other extensions reserving this page type.