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img-1 img-2 ITM Datatables / jQuery UI Themes Integration- itm_datatables

ITM Datatables / jQuery UI Themes Integration

Extension Key: itm_datatables

Language: en, de

Keywords: datatables, jQuery UI

Copyright 2000-2010, Christopher Seidel, <>

This document is published under the Open Content License

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- a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from

Table of Contents

ITM Datatables / jQuery UI Themes Integration 1

`Introduction 3 <#__RefHeading__598_1275745370>`_

What does it do? 3

Screenshots 3

`Configuration 4 <#__RefHeading__612_1275745370>`_

`Known problems 5 <#__RefHeading__620_1275745370>`_

`To-Do list 6 <#__RefHeading__622_1275745370>`_


What does it do?

Provides Datatables ( ) and jQuery UI Themes library to use in extensions




  • Just install the extension and select if datatables should be integrated and which jQuery UI Theme you would like to use
  • Select a language for datatables default is en
  • Include the code to integrate it to your extension

If(t3lib_extMgm::isLoaded('itm_datatables')) {

require_once(t3lib_extMgm::extPath('itm_datatables').'ItmDatatables .class.php');



You can also overwrite the default settings with every function call

@param string $jQueryTheme Set which jQuery Theme should be integrated

@param boolean $dataTables Set if DatsTables should be integrated or not

@param boolean $tableTools Set if TableTools should be integrated or not

addDataTables($jQueryTheme = NULL, $dataTables = NULL, $tableTools = NULL)

Known problems

None so far

To-Do list

  • More configuration options
  • Mail me if you have some suggestions

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