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Users manual

Adding pdf viewer

  • Create a new content element and select "General Plugin" in section "Plugins".
New content element
  • Select plugin "pdf viewer" and save content element.
Select plugin "pdf viewer"
  • Add a pdf file from folder in fileadmin OR select & upload a pdf file you want to display within pdf viewer.
  • Optional: set Title, Alternative Text, Link and Description (Caption)
PDF file
  • All further options are optional, some could be set global in TypoScript Constants (see chapter Configuration )
Field Description Global
file format Format of the displayed image.
widht width of displayed image in px. yes
height height of displayed image in px, leave empty to keep aspect ratio. yes
start with page The first page to be displayed, leave empty to start with the first page.
end with page Last page to be displayed (leve empty if you only want to display one page).
hide title Hide the title on top of the viewer.
hide index Hide index if multiple pages are displayed with navigation.
hide navigation Hide navigation of the pdf viewer.
image navigation
Display an image navigation with preview-thumbnails:
- by Typoscript: use the global setting
- disable: disable image navigation
- top: display the image navigation on top of the pdf viewer
- bottom: display the image navigation at bottom of the pdf viewer
hide download advice Hide the download advice at bottom of the viewer.
Link to
Link displayed image to:
- none (from file): links the image to the linke given in added pdf file
- Link to document: opens the added pdf file in new browser-window
- magnificpopup: opens the displayed images in a magnificpopup lightbox
Complete configuration

Complete configuration of the pdf viewer

Result in frontend

The result in frontend