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What does it do?

Extend Bootstrap package + gridelements + lef_responsive_images with a specially crafted columns layouts to handle automatic generation of image with the right size for any layout including nested columns, on any device.

Why another gridelements columns containers ?

Gridelements allow editors to nest columns layouts with a great level of freedom. But when it comes to pre-compute real image sizes, we need to know everything about layout width at any breakpoint. This extension adress this particular issue in order to be able to compute the right size of any image, taking account of any layout, be it nested or not.

Provides :

  • Fluid responsive container
  • 1 Column container
  • 2 Columns container
  • 3 Columns container
  • 4 Columns container


This chapter should help people figure how the extension works. Remove it if not relevant.

Introduction Package

Introduction Package just after installation (caption of the image)

How the Frontend of the Introduction Package looks like just after installation (legend of the image)