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LFEditor TYPO3 extension makes editing of language files fast and easy. It allows editing, renaming, adding and deleting of language constant and gives a good overview of your language files. The TYPO3 language file override feature is supported. Users can override existing language files of extensions and even of the TYPO3 environment, making their translations independent of the original extensions and resistant to extension updates.


  • Supported language file formats: XLF (preferred), XML (most stable) and PHP (outdated)
  • Conversion of formats
  • Splitting and merging of language files
  • Override mode
  • Editing of the TYPO3 l10n folder
  • Simple editing of constants and languages (edit/add/rename/delete constants)
  • Flexible search and view of constants and values
  • Tree view of constants
  • Meta information handling
  • Backups, recovering and diff view
  • Differs editors and administrators with appropriate privileges
  • Respects user language permissions