Libconnect is an TYPO3 extension which was inital developed by Avonis for the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky (SUB). The SUB develop the continuously. With libconnect it´s possible to display the information of EZB and DBIS of the University Regensburg on an TYPO3 based website.

Here is the german Manual.

Changes in new Version 5.2.3

- EZB: detail view: field "Preistyp Anmerkung" fixed for language english

Tested with: TYPO3 6.2, 8.7


  1. Include static template

  2. Set the db IDs.

     plugin.tx_libconnect {
         ezbbibid = SUBHH
         dbisbibid = sub_hh
         zdbsid = vid:dbid
  1. Set the plugins in your pages.

Customize your design

  1. Set paths to templates, partials and layouts

     plugin.tx_libconnect {
         view {
             templateRootPath = EXT:libconnect/Resources/Private/Templates/
             partialRootPath = EXT:libconnect/Resources/Private/Partials/
             layoutRootPath = EXT:libconnect/Resources/Private/Layouts/
  1. Deactivate standard CSS

     plugin.tx_libconnect {
         settings {
             ezbNoCSS = 1
             dbisNoCSS = 1