This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Administrator manual

This section containts a collection of helpful snippets you can use to impove the mailchimp registration.

Change the templates

If you want to change the templates, copy those to your site extension or any other directory and specify the path.

plugin.tx_mailchimp {
    view {
        templateRootPaths {
            0 = typo3conf/ext/mailchimp/Resources/Private/Templates/
            1 = typo3conf/ext/<your-extkey>/Resources/Private/Templates/
        partialRootPaths {
            0 = typo3conf/ext/mailchimp/Resources/Private/Partials/
            1 = typo3conf/ext/<your-extkey>/Resources/Private/Partials/
        layoutRootPaths {
            0 = typo3conf/ext/mailchimp/Resources/Private/Layouts/
            1 = typo3conf/ext/<your-extkey>/Resources/Private/Layouts/

Prefill email address

You can fill the email address field by providing either GET or POST parameter email. An url could look like http://www.domain.tld/index.php?id=758&email=admin@domain.tld.

Translate group categories

To be able to translate groups of MailChimp, please use TypoScript. The key is the name of the category, umlauts are transformed and all characters except numbers and letters are stripped away.

As an example: The string Öffentliche Verwaltung & Technologie will be transformed to OeffentlicheVerwaltungTechnologie`.

plugin.tx_mailchimp {
        de {
        en {
            interest.OeffentlicheVerwaltung = Civil Service

Handling of custom fields

It is possible to handle additional fields in the mailchimp extension. Uo to 10 fields can be used in the template which are named mergeField1 to mergeField10. The mapping to the actual fields must be done in a custom hook implementation. Use the following hook

    = 'Sup7even\MailchimpIqmobile\Hooks\IqMobileFieldHook->run';


Currently there is no server side validation possible if you set fields in the MailChimp interface to required!

Integration in EXT:formhandler

You can integrate formhandler by using the following finisher:

[globalVar = GP:contact|newsletter = 1] {
        finishers {
            2 {
                class = Sup7\Mailchimp\Hooks\Frontend\Formhandler\Mailchimp
                config {
                    // ID of the list you want the user to be added to
                    listId = b1891812812

                    // Define the name of the field used in the form
                    fieldEmail = email
                    fieldFirstName = firstname
                    fieldLastName = lastname