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Users manual

Create a list at MailChimp

If you have already created a list at, you can skip this section, otherwise please follow it.

  1. Login at
  2. Switch to List.
  3. Press the button Create List and fill out the form. All data can be changed later on.

Interest group

Interest groups allow people to subscribe to different topics which can be used later on to send different newsletters. Those topics are called Intererst Groups. The creation is really simple:

  1. Login at
  2. Switch to List and select the list you want to create interest groups.
  3. Select Manage Subscribers > Groups.
  4. Press the button Create Groups to create a group and add as many groups as you need.


The type (checkbox, radio button, dropdown) can not be changed later!

Create a mailChimp subscription form

After the installation, you are able to create a subscription form on any TYPO3 page.

  1. Press the + icon at the page module.
  2. Switch to the tab Form elements and select MailChimp.
Content Element Wizard
  1. Select any MailChimp list you want people subscribe to.
Select a list
  1. Optionally select an interest group.
Select an interest group

You are done!