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TYPO3 Mailfiles

TYPO3 CMS Extension to upload files and send download links via email.


This extension provides a simple form with a Pluploadfe upload widget, a simple text input used as mail subject, a textarea for adding a message, a "auto-send" checkbox and a submit button.

If the "auto-send" checkbox is checked the form will be auto submitted once uploading is completed.


  • EXT:pluploadfe should work without problems (see pluploadfe documentation)
  • Add "Mail Files: default config" static template to your TypoScript template.
  • Configure the plugin options via TS (see static template in Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt)
  • Add plugin to a page and specify pluploadfe configuration record

Note: Make sure to enable "Authenticated frontend user needed" option in pluploadfe config record.


More info about plupload:


Any help is appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a line, open issues or send pull requests.

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