Maps2 RegistryΒΆ

Available since version 3.0.0

This is a pretty cool feature to extend your own extension with a new field which will hold the reference UID to a PoiCollection record of maps2. So, if you have a location record or something similar, then you can use our Maps2 registry to create a new field into a table of your extension. The default name of the column will be tx_maps2_uid, but you can change that, if you want.

Our Maps2 registry is adapted from TYPO3s Category Registry

Create a new file in [yourExt]/Configuration/TCA/Overrides/[yourTableName].php and add following lines of code:

     'events2', // Extension key of your extension
     'tx_events2_domain_model_location', // tablename of your location table
         // add all columns to build a valid address as array
         // Add country only, if it is a string like "Germany". Else, see next options
         'addressColumns' => ['street', 'house_number', 'zip', 'city', 'country'],

         // You can define a hard-coded country for all addresses.
         'defaultCountry' => 'France',

         // Best option for country. If it is an INT and static_info_tables is loaded, it will
         // get country name from static_country.
         // If country could not be fetched, it will fallback to defaultCountry from above.
         'countryColumn' => 'country',

         // With defaultStoragePid you can define where our maps2 record should be saved.
         // defaultStoragePid has following priority from low to high:
         // PID of your location record, Configuration of Maps2Registry, pageTSconfig (ext.maps2.defaultStoragePid)
         // This order is hardcoded and can not be changed.
         // So, if a PID with help of Maps2Registry was found, it will be overwritten with value of pageTSconfig.

         // Within the Maps2Registry we have following ordering from low to high:
         // A fixed value, an extension configuration value, a pageTSconfig value.

         // Define a fixed storage PID where to save our maps2 PoiCollection record.
         // Useful for small websites. Single domain instances.
         // Keep in mind that this value will be overwritten with pageTSconfig (
         'defaultStoragePid' => 414,

         // Do not configure "defaultStoragePid" if you want to save maps2 PoiCollection records
         // in same storage as your location record. But, be careful: As a fallback we are using
         // pageTSconfig path "ext.maps2.defaultStoragePid" which has a higher priority than PID of your location record.
         // So, keep that in mind, remove "ext.maps2.defaultStoragePid" from pageTSconfig to save maps2 record in same storage
         // of your records.

         // Read an extension manager configuration from ext_conf_template.txt of a given extension
         'defaultStoragePid' => [
             'extKey' => 'events2', // extension to read $EXTCONF from
             'property' => 'poiCollectionPid', // Property with storage UID
             'type' => 'extensionmanager' // If type is not given, we will use "extensionmanager" as default.

         // Read storage PID from pageTSconfig
         // You can configure that path to your needs. In example below we try to get storage PID
         // from pageTSconfig: ext.events2.poiCollectionPid = 4324
         // Do not forget: If pageTSconfig (ext.maps2.defaultStoragePid) is set, it will overwrite this configuration.
         'defaultStoragePid' => [
             'extKey' => 'events2', // Extension key to read storage PID from
             'property' => 'poiCollectionPid', // Property key to read storage PID from
             'type' => 'pagetsconfig'

         // Priority ordered version
         // We will read all these entries from array key 0 until array key 3. If a PID was found in f.e.
         // array key 2 (after entry 0 and 1 have not returned a valid PID) we will use it and will not
         // process further entries (entry 3)
         'defaultStoragePid' => [
             0 => [
                 'extKey' => 'news',
                 'property' => 'pid_of_maps2',
                 'type' => 'pagetsconfig'
             1 => [
                 'extKey' => 'my_ext',
                 'property' => 'specialConfiguredPidForMaps2',
                 'type' => 'pagetsconfig'
             2 => [
                 'extKey' => 'my_ext',
                 'property' => 'mapsPid',
                 'type' => 'extensionmanager'
             3 => [
                 'extKey' => 'events2',
                 'property' => 'poiCollectionPid',
                 'type' => 'extensionmanager'

         // You can synchronize additional fields of your record with maps2 PoiCollection
         // Please only use fields of type String or int.
         // 1:N, N:1 and N:M relations are not supported. Please use SignalSlot postUpdatePoiCollection
         // and synchronize them on your own.
         'synchronizeColumns' => [
                 'foreignColumnName' => 'location', // column name of your extension
                 'poiCollectionColumnName' => 'title' // column name of maps2 PoiCollection record


After adding these lines of code you have to de- and reactivate your extension in ExtensionManager to execute the SQL queries in behind. Alternatively you can go into InstallTool and execute Database Compare to insert the new configured field.