Google Material Design Lite implementation for TYPO3


  • Static templates to use local or CDN resources
  • Use predefined color schemes (CDN resources only), see

Short introductions

Want to use my own generated css file

  • since 1.0.0
  • only Local Resources Template

Have a look to the const.materialDesignLite.path, const.materialDesignLite.file.css and const.materialDesignLite.file.js.minified subparts

TypoScript constant example:

const.materialDesignLite {
    path {
        relPrefix = fileadmin/templates/
        styles = {$const.materialDesignLite.path.relPrefix}/Css/ 
        scripts = {$const.materialDesignLite.path.relPrefix}/JavaScript/
    file {
        css.minified = your.material.min.css
        css.icons = your.material-icons.css
        js.minified = your.material.min.js

Use another MDL version

  • since 1.1.0
  • only CDN Resources Template

TypoScript constant:

const.materialDesignLite.url.version = 1.0.6 

How to use color schemes

  • since 1.2.0
  • only CDN Resources Template

For possible primary and accent color combinations have a look at

TypoScript constant:

const.materialDesignLite.color-scheme = brown-light_green 


GPL 3.0+

Material Design Lite

© Google, 2015. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.