This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Integration of EXT:dd_googlesitemap

Since version 4.2.0 EXT:news supports creating sitemaps using the extension dd_googlesitemap.


After installing dd_googlesitemap you can create sitemaps for the news records by calling the URL https://www.yourdomain.tld/index.php?eID=dd_googlesitemap&id=1&sitemap=txnews&singlePid=123&pidList=456&L=0.

The following parameters need to be configured properly:


Define the page id which is used to show the news record. The links in the sitemap will point to this page.


Define the page ids on which the news records are saved.


Define the language uid which should be used. Use one call for each language


By adding the optional argument &type=news a news sitemap is used instead of a default sitemap type. Check out for details.

Human readable dates

If you need links with human readable dates, you can achieve this with the following TypoScript:

tx_ddgooglesitemap.tx_news {
  hrDate = 1
  hrDate {
    day = j
    month = n
    year = Y

Skip controller and action

To skip the controller and action, use the following TypoScript:

tx_ddgooglesitemap.tx_news.skipControllerAndAction = 1


Use the configured URL and add it to the scheduler task of dd_googlesitemap.