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Add a custom type

Out of the box news comes with three types built in:

  • "News": Default news record
  • "Internal Page": The news record is linked to a regular page.
  • "External Page": The news record is linked to an external URL.

To add your custom type, you have to follow the steps below.

In this example the new type will be called 'myCustomNewsType' and is configured to only show the fields 'title' and 'bodytext'.

1) Typoscript

config.tx_extbase.persistence.classes {
GeorgRingerNewsDomainModelNews {
subclasses {
3 = VendorExtNameDomainModelMyCustomNewsType



VendorExtNameDomainModelMyCustomNewsType {
mapping {
recordType = 3 tableName = tx_news_domain_model_news




2) TCA

In this example, the new type is configured to show the fields bodytext and title. Therefore, create the file Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tx_news_domain_model_news.php.

  if (!defined('TYPO3_MODE')) {
    die ('Access denied.');

  $GLOBALS['TCA']['tx_news_domain_model_news']['columns']['type']['config']['items']['3'] =
    ['myCustomNewsType', 3] ;

  $GLOBALS['TCA']['tx_news_domain_model_news']['types']['3'] = [
    'showitem' => 'title, bodytext'

3) Custom class


namespace Vendor\ExtName\Domain\Model;

class MyCustomNewsType extends \GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Model\News {



This is a very basic example.

It would also be possible to use your custom news type to show custom fields. How to add custom fields to news is documented here.