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3.2.5 - 2016/03/01

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2016-03-01 [TASK] Release 3.2.5 (Commit c1450d1 by Georg Ringer)
2016-02-22 [BUGFIX] Unexpected count of 0 exception (Commit b15b67a by Georg Ringer)
2015-12-21 [BUGFIX] Preview of hidden news not working for translated news (Commit d424699 by Lorenz Ulrich)
2016-02-16 [BUGFIX] Readd icon for import (Commit f6ee325 by Georg Ringer)
2016-02-15 [BUGFIX] Fix double slash in meta tag VH (Commit 5214eac by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-30 [FEATURE] Add news sitemap generator using dd_googlesitemap (Commit cc5b0cb by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-27 [TASK] Exclude news lists from indexing (Commit 5e05f9d by Jan Kiesewetter)
2016-01-01 [BUGFIX] Fix category removal (Commit b699f86 by Georg Ringer)
2015-12-09 [BUGFIX] Respect more tags in newsrepository search (Commit 542d92a by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-27 [!!!][TASK] OverwriteDemand does not care about empty values anymore (Commit 1eca2e9 by Georg Ringer)

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