"Save & Preview" for news recordsΒΆ

It is possible to activate the action "Save & Preview" for news records by using some lines of page TsConfig.

TCEMAIN.preview {
        tx_news_domain_model_news {
                previewPageId = 123
                useDefaultLanguageRecord = 0
                fieldToParameterMap {
                        uid = tx_news_pi1[news_preview]
                additionalGetParameters {
                        tx_news_pi1.controller = News
                        tx_news_pi1.action = detail

By using the given example, a link will be generated which leads to the page with the id 123. If a news plugin is placed on this page, the news article will be shown.


This feature is part of TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS and can be used for any record of any extension.


If the setting [FE][disableNoCacheParameter] is enabled, this won't work as the cHash is not set in the URL.