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What does it do?

A TYPO3 extension to send any pages as a newsletter to several recipients at once.

Originally based on TC Directmail 2.0.2, the mailing engine was almost entirely rewritten but most features were preserved.We now use SwiftMailer (from TYPO3 core). And it aims to improve the user experience and works out of the box.

Comparison with TC Directmail 2.0.2

What’s better

  • Use of SwiftMailer
  • Brand new database structure allowing for much more size efficient storage
  • Two special markers available: ###newsletter_view_url### and ###newsletter_unsubscribe_url###
  • Better cleaning of javascript in email content
  • Plain text quality is improved

What’s worse

  • Removed wizard for recipientlist generation
  • Only one recipient list per newsletter (workaround: send multiple newsletter or UNION via raw sql)


Current status of newsletter

Status of Newsletter

Settings for newsletter

Settings for Newsletter

Newsletter planning (and testing)

Newsletter planning and testing

Statistics overview with charts for one newsletter

Statistics overview for one newsletter

Statistics of all emails for one newsletter

Statistics of all emails for one newsletter