Project Name 0.0.0

Page Quick Add

The goal of this extension is to make adding CE to pages easier and faster.

It replaces the "new content element" wizard with a faster ajax popup.

screenshot of ajax popup

screenshot of ajax popup

In addition to the usual tabs and elements, it allows to define grids and a set of CEs to quickly paste in pages in a single click.


All config is done in page TSconfig.

Define tabs to show

typoscript tx_pagequickadd.tabs = common, plugins, foo

Define existing elements

```typoscript tx_pagequickadd.elements {

    uid = 123

    uid = 456
    title = Override tt_content.header
    image = path/to/thumbnail.jpg

} ``` With this configuration, you can reference existing CEs (tt_content). The CEs you configure will appear in the popup. A simple click on them will directly copy them to the page.

Define special grid tab

You can define some gridelements as being "grid items". They will appear in a special tab at the top of the popup. A sub-menu will open on hover for items configured for more than one.

typoscript tx_pagequickadd.grid{     1{         default = column_1         1 = column_1_foo         2 = column_1_bar     }     2{         default = column_2         1 = column_2_5         2 = column_5_2     }     3 = column_3     4 = column_4     5 = column_5 }


Report bugs in github issues