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Person Manager

A TYPO3 extension to manage user/subscriber data.

Originally developed for the extension newsletter.

Provides automatic subscription/registration and unsubscription/deregistration.

Issue Tracking at


Please include the Plugin in you Main Template and then change to the Constant Editor.


Now you can check or uncheck fields, the plugin should use.

If you need additional Fields -> just rename a Freetext field in the locallang files.

If you want to use Categories, you have to add them in your default storage before testing the plugin.

Further options

Default storage PID (required) where the persons and the cateogries should be saved

Double-Opt Out should the deregistration be confirmed by mail?

Double-Opt In should the registration be confirmed by mail?

ID of the Registration (required) ID of the Page, where the frontend plugin Person Manager Registration is used

ID of the Deregistration (required) ID of the Page, where the frontend plugin Person Manager Deregistration is used

Name of your webiste (required) used for automatic emails

Email-Address of your website (required) used for automatic emails

Frontend Plugins

Just create a new Person Manager Registration or Person Manager Deregistration or Person Manager Short Registration Plugin on the page where the user should subscribe.

Insert your Sender/Website Name and add a Signature if you want.

If you want to add Filelinks in you signature, make sure to add an extension template on the current page with following setup:

config.jumpurl = 0

config.jumpurl_enable = 0

styles.content.uploads.jumpurl_secure = 0

styles.content.uploads.jumpurl = 0

styles.content.uploads.jumpurl_secure_mimeTypes >

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.jumpurl.damSecure = 0

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.jumpurl_secure = 0

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.jumpurl = 0

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.jumpurl_secure_mimeTypes >

Edit the Messages for the frontend if you need to.

(if the RTE boxes are too large -> this is a bug in Typo3 7 )

Backend Plugin


Here you can add, search, show, edit or delete single Persons.


Here you can import excel or csv files of Persons.

First insert the columns you want to import.

Insert the seperator of your csv file AND the columns above.

Pick your file from the system and click Import.

Check your data and finish by clicking Import again.


Here you can export excel or csv files of Persons.


Here you can see single actions what users of your website have done.


Here you can import a file of Persons, that should be excluded from eg. sending a newsletter to.

It is similar to the normal Import but there must be only one column with the E-Mail Addresses.

Working with the newsletter extension

Get the persons

To get the persons into a Recipient List just add a new one and choose the type SQL.

Then past following SQL-Statement (or edit it):

SELECT CASE salutation WHEN 1 THEN 'Dear Mr.' WHEN 2 THEN 'Dear Mrs.' ELSE 'Dear Mr./Mrs.' END AS salutation, firstname, lastname, email

FROM tx_personmanager_domain_model_person

WHERE deleted=0 AND hidden=0 AND unsubscribed=0 AND confirmed=1 AND active=1 AND email NOT LIKE "" AND email NOT IN (SELECT email FROM tx_personmanager_domain_model_blacklist)

GROUP BY email

Real Url

You can use following code parts for the Real Url config:


$params['URL'] = str_replace('person-an/new/Person', 'person-new', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-an/create/Person', 'person-register', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-akt/activate/Person', 'person-activate', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-ab/leave/Person', 'person-deregister', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-ab/unsubscribe/Person', 'person-deactivate', $params['URL']);


$params['URL'] = str_replace('person-new', 'person-an/new/Person', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-register', 'person-an/create/Person', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-activate', 'person-akt/activate/Person', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-deregister', 'person-ab/leave/Person', $params['URL']); $params['URL'] = str_replace('person-deactivate', 'person-ab/unsubscribe/Person', $params['URL']);


'person-akt' => array(
'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerfront[action]',

), array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerfront[controller]',

), array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerfront[token]',


), 'person-an' => array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerfront[action]',

), array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerfront[controller]',


), 'person-ab' => array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerunsub[action]',

), array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerunsub[controller]',

), array(

'GETvar' => 'tx_personmanager_personmanagerunsub[token]',