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img-1 img-2 EXT: PHP Shell terminal Backend intergration - phpshell

EXT: PHP Shell terminal Backend integration

Extension Key: phpshell

Language: en

Keywords: phpshell, shell, ssh, terminal, exec

Copyright 2000-2012, A. wolo Wolski, <>

This document is published under the Open Content License

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Table of Contents

EXT: PHP Shell terminal Backend integration 1

`Introduction 3 <#__RefHeading__607_240179962>`_

What does it do? 3

Screenshots 3

`Important informations (from readme file) 4 <#__RefHeading__613_240179962>`_

PHP Shell terminal backend integrated module with auto authentication 4


Auto authentication 4

`Configuration 5 <#__RefHeading__621_240179962>`_

`Known problems 6 <#__RefHeading__623_240179962>`_

`To-Do list 7 <#__RefHeading__625_240179962>`_

`ChangeLog 8 <#__RefHeading__627_240179962>`_


What does it do?

This extension provides PHP Shell terminal script in TYPO3 backend with automatic authentication using standard backend admin login. It is not possible to get to it from outside, as far as I know. If you find a way, let me know immedietly.



Important informations (from readme file)

PHP Shell terminal backend integrated module with auto authentication

PHP Shell scripts are GNU licensed and copyrighted, owned etc. by Phpshell-team

You can donate these guys for their great job.

My work here is integrating it as access controlled TYPO3 backend module and make it secure.

The main reason why i've made this extension, is that I tried some terminal extensions from t3 repository and none

of them works, and I was tired to upload and remove this script every time I need it.

I didn't modify original scripts except one thing, which I described below.


This tool can be very dangerous for server security. Use it deliberately and install for your responsibility.

Note that not only installing, but even keeping PHP Shell script on server can be dangerous.

I have made every effort to make it not possible to run by unauthorized people. This is done on 2 levels:

- htaccess deny all on php files in scripts directory

- modification on top of phpshell.php file to check if typo3_mode is set

Module in backend is admin-only.

Auto authentication

This extension is designed to automatic login to PHP Shell terminal. It is done by send login data directly

to script on including it. The login data is not secret (admin / li3bfr4umi1chDoctorp3t3r) but these are

useless for eventual hacker - it's not possible to even get to phpshell from outside of typo3 backend. least as far as I know the way it all works. If you think that this is not safe enough, let me know and/or propose solution to make it so.

Contact me at wolo.wolski(at)

  1. wolo wolski


This extension has no configuration. If you are security paranoic, you can change default login data in EXT:phpshell/phpshell/config.php and the same in EXT:phpshell/mod1/index.php

Known problems

Let me know, if it not works as expected or if you find any security issue.

To-Do list

Maybe there is something you wanna have here?






Initial release

img-2 8