3 ways to add the trackingcode

Basically there 3 ways to install the trackingcode to your site

The recommend way: EXT:piwik

Ext:piwik adds the trackingcode to your Page. All you need to do is to download and install EXT:piwik via the TYPO3 extension manager. Add the static TS of EXT:piwik and EXT:piwikintegration to your page template and configure the idsite. See http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/piwik/current/ for more details.

This way offers an easy configuration interface via EXT:piwik TS interface:

  • .piwik_idsite
  • .piwik_host
  • .piwik_action_name
  • .piwik_download_extensions
  • .piwik_hosts_alias
  • .piwik_tracker_pause
  • .piwik_install_tracker

Note: there is already a version 2.x in the SVN on forge.typo3.org which is still waiting to get published:


The manual way

Use EXT:piwikintegration to obtain the JS Code. Add it to your TS pagetemplate. Configure config.tx_piwik.piwik_idsite, because Ext:piwikintegration needs that value for setting up the users.

The debug way

EXT:piwikintegration is shipped with a basic trackingcode add script. You may enable it in the extension manager. And add the static TS of EXT:piwikintegration to your TS template. See the chapter “Settings in Extensionmanager” for more details. It's not recommend to use that option, as there is only one configuration option: config.tx_piwik.piwik_idsite.