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What do I have to do if the installation fails with:There is no valid unzip wrapper, i need either the class ZipArchiv from php or a *nix system with unset path set.

You have 3 opinions:

  1. Manual setup → hard
  2. Install Zip Extension for PHP
  3. Do not use Microsoft Windows and disable $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['disable_exec_function'] in the TYPO3 Install tool.

Use with ks_sitemgr (currently not published in TER)

Use the customer id constant to setup the trackingcode – example will be provided later.

What to do if Matomo can't update?

There are 2 possible solutions

  1. Manually unpack the archive into typo3conf/piwik
  2. Make a list of installed plugins and settings, delete the typo3conf/piwik directory, make a clean install and reconfigure Matomo