This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Manual installation (draft may not be complete, not recommend)

To integrate piwikintegration into your TYPO3 installation follow these steps:

  1. Install the extension via TER, Matomo is not included!
  2. Install and enable the EXT:piwik which is suggested, to get the Trackingcode automatically.You do not need to configure EXT:piwik it's configured with the static template of EXT:piwikintegration (see below).Have a look in for setting up advanced options of EXT:piwik. You do not need to do this here.You do not need to install EXT:piwik, if you integrate the trackingcode on your own. But you need to setup up the siteid like described in in the EXT:piwik manual. This is needed, because EXT:piwikintegration uses the same setup as EXT:piwik
  3. Install and enable the plugin EXT:piwikintegration.
  4. Copy Matomo in typo3conf/piwik/piwik so that the index.php is accessable via typo3conf/piwik/piwik/index.php
  5. Setup Matomo with the same database parameters as you use for your TYPO3 installation. You need to set the prefix to “tx_piwikintegration_“ as this is required for EXT:piwikintegration.
  6. Open the statistik module, click on the page, or a subpage, where you have added the static template. The backendmodule should now recognize that Matomo is correctly installed (by checking if the config file exists). This will show the overview page.
  7. Don't forget to install the TYPO3* plugins in Matomo application (Web -> Statistics -> Direct Statistics Access -> Admin -> Plugins), especially the TYPO3Auth plugin is mandatory for authentification against the TYPO3 session. If this works you can disable the Login plugin.
  8. If you like to use GeoIPDatabase use the admin functions of the module and download the database from maxmind.

That's all you need to start tracking your visitors. See EXT:piwik manual for more config options and description of it's parameters.