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Scheduler integration (Experimental)ΒΆ

In TYPO3 4.3 there is a new extension called Scheduler (found in Admin tools / Scheduler). With that extension installed you can [what does the Matomo Archive Cron Job do and why should I use it?]. Use it like this:


  1. Create a new task by clicking on the New icon
  2. Setup an intervall like daily (=86400 seconds)

If you select the Matomo task and hit Execute selected tasks, you do not need to wait to see the statistics.

Have a look on to get more information on speeding up Matomo. (ignore the cronjob, as this is executed by the Scheduler).

Please have a look on these options in the Matomo configuration, with the following setting you force Matomo to create the statistics with the cronjob and not while opening Matomo in the browser, that will speedup using Matomo.

[General]time\_before\_today\_archive\_considered\_outdated = 3600enable\_browser\_archiving\_triggering = false