Predefined Receiver

In some case it could be useful, that the email receiver should be chosen by a selectfield value. E.g. if the visitor selects “receiver A” in a dropdown, powermail should use and in all other cases


Activate Predefined Receiver

You can add a new option to the predefined receiver with a bit of page TSConfig

tx_powermail.flexForm.predefinedReceivers.addFieldOptions.receivers1 = receivers #1


Conditional receiver via TypoScript

Small example

In a simple example and should be always used, if the editor chooses “receivers2” in the plugin dropdown:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.predefinedReceiver { = TEXT =,

Dynamic example 1

In a bit more advanced example, we want to choose the receiver by a given value (e.g. of a select box). If value 1 is given in a field with marker {receiver}, should be chosen and if value 2 or something else is given, should be chosen. See following TypoScript setup example:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.predefinedReceiver { = CASE {

       = GP:tx_powermail_pi1|field|receiver

                1 = TEXT
                1.value =

                default = TEXT
                default.value =

Dynamic example 2

Here is another advanced example how to set a different email address for the receiver, by changing an integer into a frontend user email address (get it from database by given fe_users.uid). We just use some lines of TypoScript with cObject CONTENT (example for TYPO3 8). See following TypoScript setup example:

# Get Email address from fe_users by given POST-parameter
lib.receiver = CONTENT
lib.receiver {
    table = fe_users
    select {
        # Page with fe_users records
        pidInList = 33

        where {
            # UID of the fe_users record is given in field with marker {receiver}
            data = GP:tx_powermail_pi1|field|receiver

            wrap = uid=|
            intval = 1
    renderObj = TEXT
    renderObj {
            field = email
} < lib.receiver

Additional note

The lib.receiver from the last example can also be used with predefined receivers or directly via cObjectViewHelper in the receiver field in FlexForm - like: {f:cObject(typoscriptObjectPath:’lib.receiver’)}