Signal Slots


Powermail offers a lot of SignalSlots (Extbase pendant to Hooks) to extend the functions from your extension. Please report to GitHub if you need a new signal.

Signal Class Name Signal Name Located in Method Passed arguments Description
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Validator\CustomValidator isValid isValid() $mail, $this Add your own serverside Validation
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController formActionBeforeRenderView formAction() $form, $this Slot is called before the form is rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionBeforeRenderView createAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called before the mail and answers are persisted and before the emails are sent
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionAfterMailDbSaved createAction() $mail, $this Slot ist called directly after the mail was persisted
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionAfterSubmitView createAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called after the create message was rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController confirmationActionBeforeRenderView confirmationAction() $mail, $this Slot is called before the confirmation view is rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController optinConfirmActionBeforeRenderView optinConfirmAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called before the optin confirmation view is rendered (only if Double-Opt-In is in use)
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController initializeObjectSettings initializeObject() $this, &settings Change Settings from Flexform or TypoScript before Action is called
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Misc\PrefillFieldViewHelper render render() $field, $mail, $default, $this Prefill fields by your own magic
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Misc\PrefillMultiFieldViewHelper render render() $field, $mail, $cycle, $default, $this Prefill multiple fields by your own magic
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService setReceiverEmails setReceiverEmails() &$emailArray, $this Manipulate receiver emails short before the mails will be send
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService getReceiverName getReceiverName() &$receiverName, $this Manipulate receiver name when getting it
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService sendTemplateEmailBeforeSend prepareAndSend() $message, &$email, $this Change the message object before sending
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService createEmailBodyBeforeRender createEmailBody() $standaloneView, $email, $this Manipulate standaloneView-object before the mail object will be rendered
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService setReceiverEmails setReceiverEmails() &$emailArray, $this Manipulate given receiver email addresses
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService getReceiverName getReceiverName() &$receiverName, $this Manipulate given receiver name
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailSenderPropertiesService getSenderEmail getSenderEmail() &$senderEmail, $this Manipulate given sender email addresses
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailSenderPropertiesService getSenderName getSenderName() &$senderName, $this Manipulate given sender name
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\UploadService preflight preflight() $this Change files from upload-fields before they will be validated, stored and send
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\UploadService getFiles getFiles() $this Change files array from upload-fields whenever files will be read
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Model\File getNewPathAndFilename getNewPathAndFilename() $pathAndFilename, $this Change path and filename of a single file for uploading, attaching to email or something else
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Validation\ValidationDataAttributeViewHelper render render() &$additionalAttributes, $field, $iteration, $this Useful if you want to hook into additionalAttributes and set your own attributes to fields
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Repository\MailRepository getVariablesWithMarkersFromMail getVariablesWithMarkersFromMail() &$variables, $mail, $this If you want to register your own markers use this signal



Let’s say you want to change the receiver email - short before powermail sends the mail.

Add a new extension to your system and use the signal createEmailBodyBeforeRender for example. See following code.


$EM_CONF[$_EXTKEY] = array (
    'title' => 'powermailextended',
    'description' => 'Sample Extension to extend powermail',
    'category' => 'plugin',
    'version' => '1.0.0',
    // ...
    'constraints' => array(
        'depends' => array(
            'typo3' => '7.6.1-8.99.99',
            'powermail' => '3.0.0-3.99.99',
        'conflicts' => array(),
        'suggests' => array(),


/** @var \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\SignalSlot\Dispatcher $signalSlotDispatcher */
$signalSlotDispatcher = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(


namespace In2code\Powermailextended\Domain\Service\Mail;

use In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService as SendMailServicePowermail;
use TYPO3\CMS\Core\Mail\MailMessage;

 * SendMailService
 * @package powermailextend
class SendMailService

     * Manipulate message object short before powermail send the mail
     * @param MailMessage $message
     * @param array $email
     * @param SendMailServicePowermail $originalService
    public function manipulateMail($message, &$email, SendMailServicePowermail $originalService)
        // overwrite the receiver in the email array to have it saved correctly
        $email['receiverName'] = 'John Mega';
        $email['receiverEmail'] = '';

        $message->setTo([$email['receiverEmail'] => $email['receiverName']]);

Example Code

Look at for an example extension. This extension allows you to:

  • Extend powermail with a complete new field type (Just a small “Show Text” example)
  • Extend powermail with an own Php and JavaScript validator (ZIP validator - number has to start with 8)
  • Extend powermail with new field properties (readonly and prepend text from Textarea)
  • Extend powermail with an example SignalSlot (see ext_localconf.php and EXT:powermailextended/Classes/Controller/FormController.php)