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Can I use old forms from powermail 2.x in powermail 3.x?

Yes. But old tables must be converted (..forms => ..form, ..fields => ..field, etc…). You can simply open the converter script in the Extension Manager. Note: New tables must be empty or non-existing.

Can I use old mails from powermail 2.x in powermail 3.x?

Yes. But old tables must be converted (..mails => ..mail, ..answers => ..answer, etc…). You can simply open the converter script in the Extension Manager. Note: New tables must be empty or non-existing.

How can I use bootstrap CSS for powermail forms?

You have to add the related static template and a bootstrap.css

See Add Bootstrap classes and CSS to powermail

How can I use responsive columns in powermail?

Since powermail 4.0 it’s possible to use wrapping containers for (e.g.) every 2/3/4 fields to get a markup like you already may know from bootstrap:

<div class="row">
    <div class="form-group col-md-6">
        <input type="text" ... />
    <div class="form-group col-md-6">
        <input type="text" ... />
<div class="row">
    <div class="form-group col-md-6">
        <input type="text" ... />
    <div class="form-group col-md-6">
        <input type="text" ... />

Have a look into static TypoScript template BootstrapClassesAndLayout for some bootstrap classes examples. Example TypoScript configuration:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup {
    styles {
        numberOfColumns = 2
        framework {
            rowClasses = row
            fieldAndLabelWrappingClasses = form-group col-md-6

How does the magic work? There is a viewhelper in Page.html partial, that adds containers after x fields:


    <f:render partial="Field ..." />

columns: Number of columns - 0 disables creation of new containers completely class: Class name(s) for the new tag iteration: The iteration array from a foreach viewhelper additionalAttributes: Any additional attributes for the new tags (must be type of array) tagName: Tagname for the new containers (“div” if not given)

How to solve SPF defiance?

More and more email providers turn on SPF for their mailboxes (see for details). Web forms should not send mails with the visitors email address as sender email address but with a server email address. Nevertheless powermail uses automatic reply email address from the sender.

To set a sender email address for the main email (to receiver), you could use this TypoScript:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.overwrite.senderEmail = TEXT
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.overwrite.senderEmail.value =
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.overwrite.senderName = TEXT
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.receiver.overwrite.senderName.value = Server from

To set a sender email address for the confirmation email (to sender), you could use this TypoScript:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.sender.overwrite.senderEmail = TEXT
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.sender.overwrite.senderEmail.value =
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.sender.overwrite.senderName = TEXT
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.sender.overwrite.senderName.value = Server from

Please ask your server administrator for a valid email address.

Failure, mail could not be sent! What does this mean?

If a mail could not be sent this message is coming up. In addition GeneralUtility::sysLog() is called with the exception message. To see this message, please use $GLOBALS[‘TYPO3_CONF_VARS’][‘SYS’][‘systemLog’] or look into the install tool how to store logs on your system.

Can I use another Captcha Extension than the integrated calculating captcha?

Yes. At the moment we support a build-in calculating captcha in the powermail core and the extension captcha.

Can I save values to tt_address, fe_users, tt_news, etc…?

Yes. It’s very easy to save values to a third-party-table – see manual part

For Administrators / Best Practice / Saving Values to Third Party Table Saving Values to Third Party Table

Can I write my own javascript/php validator?

Yes. Write your own validator – see manual part For Developers / Write own JavaScript Validator and For Developers / Write own PHP Validation Add new Validators

Can I attach files to any mail?

Yes. You can simply add some files to any mail via TypoScript cObject – see TypoScript Main Template for details.

Short example:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.sender {
        addAttachment = TEXT
        addAttachment.value = fileadmin/file.pdf

How can the admin confirm a mail from Double-Opt-In?

Yes. Per default the confirmation Email (if Double-Opt-In is enabled) will be sent to the sender.

You can overwrite it via TypoScript. See TypoScript Main Template for details.

Short example:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.optin {
        overwrite {
                email = TEXT
                email.value =

How to prevent Spam or to change the Spam-Prevention-Settings?

Yes. Powermail in version 2 and higher comes with a lot of spam-prevention-methods along. You can use the integrated spamshield (configuration via constants and typoscript), write your own spam prevention methods or simply use a captcha. See Spam Prevention

How can I set some advanced mail settings (like priority or returnPath, etc…)?

You can change following settings for the mail to the receiver and to the sender completely via TypoScript. See Main TypoScript for details.

  • email
  • name
  • senderName
  • senderEmail
  • subject
  • cc Receivers
  • bcc Receivers
  • returnPath
  • reply to email
  • reply to name
  • priority

How to change the style selector with my own values (In Forms, Pages or Fields)?

        <option value=”layout1”>Layout1</option>
        <option value=”layout2”>Layout2</option>
        <option value=”layout3”>Layout3</option>

Changing values via page tsconfig

        tx_powermail_domain_model_form {
                css {
                        removeItems = layout1, layout2, layout3
                        addItems {
                                formgrey = Form grey
                                form2cols = Form with 2 columns
                                default = Default Form
        tx_powermail_domain_model_page < .tx_powermail_domain_model_form
        tx_powermail_domain_model_field < .tx_powermail_domain_model_form

This configuration produces this output:

        <option value=”formgrey”>Form grey</option>
        <option value=”form2cols”>Form with 2 columns</option>
        <option value=”default”>Default Form</option>

And adds the class “formgrey”, “form2cols” or “default” to all forms, pages and fields in the Frontend.


How to hide fields for editors?

Hiding field from tables form, page or field

For editors (not administrators) fields can be disabled in the right management of TYPO3 (see TYPO3 documentation how to show or hide fields for editors).

Another way is to hide fields for editors (and administrators) via Page TSConfig:

        tx_powermail_domain_model_form {
                css.disabled = 1
        tx_powermail_domain_model_page {
                css.disabled = 1
        tx_powermail_domain_model_field {
                css.disabled = 1
                feuser_value.disabled = 1
                placeholder.disabled = 1

You may also restrict this and other settings to non-admin users with a TypoScript condition (see

Hiding fields from FlexForm

If you add a powermail plugin, you will see some options in FlexForm. If you want to hide some of these fields (for editors and administrators), you can also do it via Page TSConfig:

        tt_content {
                pi_flexform {
                        powermail_pi1 {
                                main {
                                        settings\.flexform\.main\.moresteps.disabled = 1
                                        settings\.flexform\.main\.optin.disabled = 1
                                        settings\.flexform\.main\.confirmation.disabled = 1
                                        settings\.flexform\.main\.pid.disabled = 1

                                receiver {
                                        settings\.flexform\.receiver\.fe_group.disabled = 1

                                thx {
                                        settings\.flexform\.thx\.redirect.disabled = 1

How to remove field types?

If you want to completely remove fieldtypes (e.g. if you do not need a captcha field or other types), you can do this with a simple line of Page TSConfig:

TCEFORM.tx_powermail_domain_model_field.type.removeItems = captcha,location,typoscript

How to prefill a field in the powermail form?

Prefilling or preselecting of fields is very easy - see Prefill or preselect a field With this possibility you can fill a hidden or a visible field with a value or you can preselect a select, radio or checkbox.

How can I include jQuery?

You have to enable this feature via Constants:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings {
        javascript {
                addJQueryFromGoogle = 1
                powermailJQuery = //

Can I use t3jquery?


JavaScript validation does not work – what’s wrong?

Powermail loads jQuery (if you activated it with TypoScript) from You can change that behaviour with constants or typoscript.

It’s importand to have the correct ordering of the JavaScript files. First you need the libraries (jQuery, Datepicker, Parsley) and after that your JavaScript.

Check the correct including of your JavaScript in the HTML source – example Footer could be:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="typo3conf/ext/powermail/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Libraries/jquery.datetimepicker.min.js?1400758352" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="typo3conf/ext/powermail/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Libraries/parsley.min.js?1400758352" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="typo3conf/ext/powermail/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Powermail/Tabs.min.js?1400758352" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="typo3conf/ext/powermail/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Powermail/Form.min.js?1400758352" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="typo3conf/ext/powermail/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Powermail/Marketing.min.js?1400758352" type="text/javascript"></script>

The datetimepicker is not working – what’s wrong?

First of all, check if there are all JavaScript loaded correctly (see JavaScript validation does not work – what’s wrong?). In addition the datetimepicker needs some CSS to get shown in frontend. You can try to add the demo.css in Static TypoScript Template section.

If you want to get more information to the used datetimepicker (JavaScript, CSS, examples, etc…) see:

Note: There is a check, if the browser supports fields like input[type=”date”] (e.g. Chrome). Per default the datetimepicker is disabled in this case. If you want to enforce datetimepicker for all browsers, you can enable this via TypoScript Constants.

Marketing Information are not working – what’s wrong?

Did you include the marketing static template on the root page of your domain?

I want to add a new Field Type to powermail – how can I do this

Yes, you can add a new Fieldtype (in record tx_powermail_domain_model_field) with some Page TSConfig.

See following example to add a new fieldtype with Partial Newfield.html (also see Documentation/ForDevelopers/NewField for an advanced example)

tx_powermail.flexForm.type.addFieldOptions.newfield = New Field Name = 0 = 1

I want to use additionalAttributes in a field partial, but it’s already in use

All Field partials are original stored under EXT:powermail/Resources/Private/Partials/Form/Field/* Most of them are already using the parameter additionalAttributes to set data-attributes for clientside validation, etc… In some case you need to set your own additionalAttributes - see following code examples.

<!-- Original textfield example -->
        ... />

<!-- Modified textfield example -->
        additionalAttributes="{vh:Validation.ValidationDataAttribute(field:field, additionalAttributes:'{autocomplete:\'off\',data-something:\'true\'}')}"
        ... />

How can I use ajax in powermail?

Simply turn ajax via TypoScript constants on:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.misc.ajaxSubmit = 1

How can I add a callback function on ajax submit?

See this example JavaScript how to add an own callback function in JavaScript when an ajaxsubmit is done (e.g. to close a lightbox or something else).

// Note: this event fires on the .tx-powermail element, since its inner html is replaced
$('.tx-powermail').on('submitted.powermail.form', function(){
    console.log('ajax form was submitted');

I upgraded powermail and a white page comes up

See explanation in part “For Administrators” and “Upgrade”. If you make an upgrade, only deleting the cache files in typo3temp may not help. Please clean all caches in the install tool and try again.

I want to use powermail on a news-detail-page, but the error Reason: No news entry found. comes up

If you want to send a newstitle or something with powermail on a newsdetailpage, a form submit leads to a pagereload. But per default, powermail does not send the params &tx_news_pi1[news] again which leads to an error from the extension news.

This is easy to handle, just add this line of TypoScript to your Constants:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.misc.addQueryString = 1

I want to include CSS or JavaScript only if there is a powermail plugin on this page

The recommended way is to include your JavaScript via require.js or with a simple jQuery.getScript(). An alternative to include JS or CSS could be via a simple condition in TypoScrip Setup:

// do something but only if Plugin1 of powermail is on the same page

The condition can be used for every plugin and every extension. Example for a defined tt_contentlist_type:

[In2code\Powermail\Condition\IsPluginOnCurrentPageCondition = powermail_pi1, = powermail_pi2]
// do something but only if Pi1 or Pi2 of powermail is on the same page

If you want to do something in TypoScript if powermail was just submitted

If you want to listen if a powermail form was just submitted via conditions, you can use a globalVar (e.g.) condition or simply use the build in condition from powermail. Note: This will probably not work on AJAX submit and if you are using a redirect on submit

// do something, but only if powermail was submitted

I have a problem, what can I do?