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Debug Powermail

With TypoScript it’s possible to enable some Devlog Output, which could help you to fix problems or a misconfiguration.

You need an additional extension to show the debug output (e.g. “devlog”).

Comprehensive Example

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup {
        debug {
                settings = 0
                variables = 0
                mail = 0
                saveToTable = 0
                spamshield = 0


Relative Typoscript path Description Type Default value
debug.settings Show Settings from TypoScript, Flexform and Extension Manager 0/1 0
debug.variables Show submitted variables 0/1 0
debug.mail Show mail arrays 0/1 0
debug.saveToTable Show saveToTable array 0/1 0
debug.spamshield Show spamtest results 0/1 0