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Sending Values to a third-party Software (e.g. a CRM)

Powermail is also able to send the values to a third-party-software like a CRM or aMarketing-Automation-Tool (Salesforce, Eloqua, etc…).

Note: This is not a redirect, this feature send the values blind with CURL to any script.

See TypoScript Settings example:

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup {
        marketing {
                # Send Form values to CRM like salesforce or eloqua
                sendPost {
                        # Activate sendPost (0/1)
                        _enable = TEXT
                        _enable.value = 0

                        # Target URL for POST values (like
                        targetUrl =

                        # Basic Auth Protection - leave empty if Target is not protected
                        username =
                        password =

                        # build your post values like &param1=value1&param2=value2
                        values = COA
                        values {
                                10 = TEXT
                                10 {
                                        # value from field {firstname}
                                        field = vorname
                                        wrap = &firstname=|

                                20 = TEXT
                                20 {
                                        # value from field {e_mail}
                                        field = e_mail
                                        wrap = &email=|

                                30 = TEXT
                                30 {
                                        # value from field {comment}
                                        field = comment
                                        wrap = &text=|

                        # activate debug - log all configuration from curl settings to devlog (use extension devlog to view this values)
                        debug = 0

Own implementation

If this configuration doesn’t help you because you need an individual solution to send values to a third-party-sofware or an API, please have a look into the “Finisher” part under “for Developers”