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Generate a mail with an export file as attachment


You can generate mails with a link to an exportfile or simply attach an export file to this mail. With this task you can (e.g.) send yourself 1 time a day a mail with all mails from the last 24h.


Propertyname Description Default value
receiverEmails Add one or more (comma-separated) recevier email addresses for mail generation [empty]
senderEmail Add a sender email address
subject Add a subject for the mail New mail export
pageUid You have to enter the page uid where the mails are stored that you want to export 0
domain Enter a domainname with a trailingslash for linkgeneration in mail
period You can define a timeperiod (in seconds) from now to the past. If you enter 86400 if you want to get the mails from the last 24 hours 2592000
attachment If you want to get the export file as attachment to the mail 1
fieldList Define the sorting of the fields that should be in the export file. If this field is empty, all default fields are exported. A commaseparated list with field uids configures the export file. In addition you can use values like crdate, sender_name, sender_mail, receiver_mail, subject, marketing_referer_domain, marketing_referer, marketing_frontend_language, marketing_browser_language, marketing_country marketing_mobile_device, marketing_page_funnel, user_agent, time, sender_ip, uid, feuser [empty]
format Define the export format. “xls” or “csv” is supported. xls
storageFolder Define where the export files should be stored. typo3temp/assets/tx_powermail/

You can define a fix filename for your export file without fileextension. If you let this field empty, a randomized filename will be used.

Privacy note: Take care, that your export file is not available for all website-users, especially if there are deserving protection datas in your export-files.

emailTemplate Path and filename to the email template EXT:powermail/Resources/Private/Templates/Module/ExportTaskMail.html

Image example


Console example

You can call a scheduler task directly from the console (if the backend user _cli_lowlevel exists) - see this example (called from webroot):

typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase task:export --receiver-emails="" --page-uid=140 --period=86400


If you need your own HTML-Template for XLS- or CSV-generating, you can define the templateRootPath in your root TypoScript

module.tx_powermail.view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/yourPath/Templates/

After that, you can copy the ExportXls.html and/or ExportCsv.html to fileadmin/yourPath/Templates/Module/ExportXls.html and modify it.