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Reset all markers from fields within a form


If you want to reset marker names, you can use this scheduler task. Normally it should not be possible to create forms with duplicated or empty marker names in sys_language_uid=0 but in some special cases (updates, imports or misconfiguration) it could be, that there are forms with broken markers (see image below). You can use this scheduler task to reset markers of one or all forms.

Note: If you open a form and see following notice, the marker names are broken:

Error: Non-Unique marker names in the fields of this form detected
This should not happen in powermail. Please check marker names of all fields to this form and fix it manually.

Image example



Console example

You can call a scheduler task directly from the console (if the backend user _cli_lowlevel exists) - see this example (called from webroot):

typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase task:resetmarkernamesinform --form-uid=254 --force-reset=0