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Add new Fields

Keep it simple

Per default, there are a lot of Field-Types available in Powermail.


If you want to add further fields, you can do this with a little bit of Page TSConfig. = New Field

# The label could also be written with LLL: to localize the label
# Example to grab a value from locallang.xml or locallang.xlf = LLL:EXT:ext/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:label

# Tell powermail that the new fieldtype will transmit anything else then a string (0:string, 1:array, 2:date, 3:file)
# Example for dataType array = 1

# The new field is not just a "show some text" field. It's a field where the user can send values and powermail stores the values?
# You can tell powermail that this new field should be exportable in backend module and via CommandController = 1

With this TSConfig a new Option is available:


If an editor chose the new field, powermail searches by default for a Partial with Name New.html (Default Path is powermail/Resources/Private/Partials/Form/New.html).

Because you should not modify anything within an extension-folder (because of upcoming extension-updates), you should Create a new File in your fileadmin folder - e.g.: fileadmin/powermail/Partials/Form/New.html

Example Content:

   <h2>This is a complete new Field</h2>

Let’s take TypoScript Setup to tell powermail, where to find the new partial:

plugin.tx_powermail.view.partialRootPaths {
   0 = EXT:powermail/Resources/Private/Partials/
   1 = fileadmin/powermail/Partials/

Example Code

Look at for an example extension. This extension allows you to:

  • Extend powermail with a complete new field type (Just a small “Show Text” example)
  • Extend powermail with an own Php and JavaScript validator (ZIP validator - number has to start with 8)
  • Extend powermail with new field properties (readonly and prepend text from Textarea)
  • Extend powermail with an example SignalSlot (see ext_localconf.php and EXT:powermailextended/Classes/Controller/FormController.php)