This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Signal Slots


Powermail offers a lot of SignalSlots (Extbase pendant to Hooks) to extend the functions from your extension. Please report to GitHub if you need a new signal.

Signal Class Name Signal Name Located in Method Passed arguments Description
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Validator\CustomValidator isValid isValid() $mail, $this Add your own serverside Validation
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController formActionBeforeRenderView formAction() $form, $this Slot is called before the form is rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionBeforeRenderView createAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called before the mail and answers are persisted and before the emails are sent
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionAfterMailDbSaved createAction() $mail, $this Slot ist called directly after the mail was persisted
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController createActionAfterSubmitView createAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called after the create message was rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController confirmationActionBeforeRenderView confirmationAction() $mail, $this Slot is called before the confirmation view is rendered
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController optinConfirmActionBeforeRenderView optinConfirmAction() $mail, $hash, $this Slot is called before the optin confirmation view is rendered (only if Double-Opt-In is in use)
In2code\Powermail\Controller\FormController initializeObjectSettings initializeObject() $this, &settings Change Settings from Flexform or TypoScript before Action is called
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Misc\PrefillFieldViewHelper render render() $field, $mail, $default, $this Prefill fields by your own magic
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Misc\PrefillMultiFieldViewHelper render render() $field, $mail, $cycle, $default, $this Prefill multiple fields by your own magic
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService setReceiverEmails setReceiverEmails() &$emailArray, $this Manipulate receiver emails short before the mails will be send
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService getReceiverName getReceiverName() &$receiverName, $this Manipulate receiver name when getting it
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService sendTemplateEmailBeforeSend prepareAndSend() $message, &$email, $this Change the message object before sending
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService createEmailBodyBeforeRender createEmailBody() $standaloneView, $email, $this Manipulate standaloneView-object before the mail object will be rendered
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService setReceiverEmails setReceiverEmails() &$emailArray, $this Manipulate given receiver email addresses
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailReceiverPropertiesService getReceiverName getReceiverName() &$receiverName, $this Manipulate given receiver name
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailSenderPropertiesService getSenderEmail getSenderEmail() &$senderEmail, $this Manipulate given sender email addresses
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\ReceiverMailSenderPropertiesService getSenderName getSenderName() &$senderName, $this Manipulate given sender name
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\UploadService preflight preflight() $this Change files from upload-fields before they will be validated, stored and send
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\UploadService getFiles getFiles() $this Change files array from upload-fields whenever files will be read
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Model\File getNewPathAndFilename getNewPathAndFilename() $pathAndFilename, $this Change path and filename of a single file for uploading, attaching to email or something else
In2code\Powermail\ViewHelpers\Validation\ValidationDataAttributeViewHelper render render() &$additionalAttributes, $field, $iteration, $this Useful if you want to hook into additionalAttributes and set your own attributes to fields
In2code\Powermail\Domain\Repository\MailRepository getVariablesWithMarkersFromMail getVariablesWithMarkersFromMail() &$variables, $mail, $this If you want to register your own markers use this signal



Let’s say you want to change the receiver email - short before powermail sends the mail.

Add a new extension to your system and use the signal createEmailBodyBeforeRender for example. See following code.


$EM_CONF[$_EXTKEY] = array (
    'title' => 'powermailextended',
    'description' => 'Sample Extension to extend powermail',
    'category' => 'plugin',
    'version' => '1.0.0',
    // ...
    'constraints' => array(
        'depends' => array(
            'typo3' => '7.6.1-8.99.99',
            'powermail' => '3.0.0-3.99.99',
        'conflicts' => array(),
        'suggests' => array(),


/** @var \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\SignalSlot\Dispatcher $signalSlotDispatcher */
$signalSlotDispatcher = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(


namespace In2code\Powermailextended\Domain\Service\Mail;

use In2code\Powermail\Domain\Service\Mail\SendMailService as SendMailServicePowermail;
use TYPO3\CMS\Core\Mail\MailMessage;

 * SendMailService
 * @package powermailextend
class SendMailService

     * Manipulate message object short before powermail send the mail
     * @param MailMessage $message
     * @param array $email
     * @param SendMailServicePowermail $originalService
    public function manipulateMail($message, &$email, SendMailServicePowermail $originalService)
        // overwrite the receiver in the email array to have it saved correctly
        $email['receiverName'] = 'John Mega';
        $email['receiverEmail'] = '';

        $message->setTo([$email['receiverEmail'] => $email['receiverName']]);

Example Code

Look at for an example extension. This extension allows you to:

  • Extend powermail with a complete new field type (Just a small “Show Text” example)
  • Extend powermail with an own Php and JavaScript validator (ZIP validator - number has to start with 8)
  • Extend powermail with new field properties (readonly and prepend text from Textarea)
  • Extend powermail with an example SignalSlot (see ext_localconf.php and EXT:powermailextended/Classes/Controller/FormController.php)