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Add new validation type

A new validation types is a validiation that can be selected for a single field by the editor. The following example includes clientside and serverside validation.

Add new Option

Per default, all standard validators are available for a field


If you want to add a new validation, use Page TSConfig for this. In this case, we want to validate for a ZIP-Code which is greater than 79999 (for bavarian ZIP within Germany):

tx_powermail.flexForm.validation.addFieldOptions.100 = Bavarian ZIP Code

This leads to a new validation option for the editors:


Add new JavaScript Validation

You will see a HTML-Code like this for this field

<input type="text" ... data-parsley-error-message="" data-parsley-custom100="80000" />

Add a new Extension or simply a JavaScript File with this content. Please pay attention to the ordering. This code must be included after all JavaScript of powermail.

.addValidator('custom100', function (value, requirement) {
     if (value >= 80000) {
             return true;
     return false;
}, 32)
.addMessage('en', 'custom100', 'Error');

See Extension in your powermail folder powermail/Resources/Private/Software/

Add new PHP Validation

First of all, you have to register a PHP Class for your new validation via TypoScript (and an errormessage in case of a negative validation).

plugin.tx_powermail {
     settings.setup {
             validation {
                     customValidation {
                             100 = In2code\Powermailextended\Domain\Validator\ZipValidator
     _LOCAL_LANG.default.validationerror_validation.100 = Please add a ZIP with 8 begginning

In this case we choose a further Extension “powermailextended” and add a new file and folders powermailextended/Classes/Domain/Validator/ZipValidator.php

The content:

namespace In2code\Powermailextended\Domain\Validator;

* ZipValidator
class ZipValidator

         * Check if given number is higher than in configuration
         * @param string $value
         * @param string $validationConfiguration
         * @return bool
        public function validate100($value, $validationConfiguration)
                if (is_numeric($value) && $value >= $validationConfiguration) {
                        return TRUE;
                return FALSE;

Example Code

Look at for an example extension. This extension allows you to:

  • Extend powermail with a complete new field type (Just a small “Show Text” example)
  • Extend powermail with an own Php and JavaScript validator (ZIP validator - number has to start with 8)
  • Extend powermail with new field properties (readonly and prepend text from Textarea)
  • Extend powermail with an example SignalSlot (see ext_localconf.php and EXT:powermailextended/Classes/Controller/FormController.php)