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pxa_newsletter_subscription TYPO3

Newsletter subscription pxa_newsletter_subscription

This is an extension that makes it possible for a user to subscribe to a newsletter and being created as a frontend user.

Signal slot

After a user have been created there is a signal slot that is called:


Which can be used for manipulating the user.


  • Added typoscript settings that can modifify output from templates (class wraps).
  • Possibility to send unsubscribe mail.
  • Changed localization to xliff.
  • Texts in mail via flexform.
  • Email config via flexform (from name, from email and reply-to).
  • Name field in frontend is optional, configured in flexform.
  • Option to set confirmation page in flexform.
  • Changed rootPaths
  • Multiple registrations on same page.
  • Controller uses namespace.