robots.txt editor

A easy to use robots.txt editor. Create, update, delete, backupd or restore backups directly within your TYPO3 backend.


Using composer

$> composer require ahoffmeyer/robotstxt-editor

Then activate it via Extension Manager.

If you don't have a composer installation of TYPO3 then simply install it via Extension Manager.


The editor will take place under your Admin Tools. If there is no robots.txt file in your document root, you can create one by clicking on Create robots.txt You can add a blueprint robots.txt as well. This is a predefined robots.txt file. After creating a blueprint you only have to adjust its contents.

Afterwards you can edit the contents of your robots.txt.

Note: If you check Save backupfile you have to click on update robots.txt afterwards. A copy of the current robots.txt will be created and stored in the robots.bak folder. You can change the backup folder by editing the setup.txt file of the extension.


Click on List backups and you can see all your backup files available.

You can now delete, restore or simply preview its contents.

Restore Backup

Restore a backup file by simply clicking on restore

This will create a backup file of the current robots.txt (with special filename) and set the backup file as new robots.txt into your document root.


  • Creating MultiDomain robots.txt files and providing a proper .htaccess setting for this
  • Diff on backup previews and current robots.txt


Any questions or pull requests don't hesitate:

Andreas Hoffmeyer <>