This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Stylesheets (CSS) konfigurieren

The extension provides its own basic set of CSS styles (which work best with a white background and if you’re already using a CSS-based design and css_styled_content). These stylesheets usually get included automatically. However, if your have set disableAllHeaderCode = 1 and want to use the provided stylesheet , you need to include the stylesheet typo3conf/ext/seminars/pi1/seminars_pi1.css manually into your page header.

Classes for table rows

The TR elements of the list view already have a few classes automatically set:

  • listrow-odd for every other row, starting with the second row
  • tx-seminars-pi1-canceled for canceled events
  • tx-seminars-pi1-owner if the logged-in FE user had entered this event record

Configuring the colored square for the number of vacancies

In the list view, the color of the squares in the vacancies column is configured using CSS. The table cell for the vacancies has three CSS classes:

  • tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies
  • tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-x with x being replaced by the exact number of vacancies (which may be 0)
  • tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-available if there is at least one vacancy
  • tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-cancelled if the event has been canceled
  • tx-seminars-pi1-deadline-over if the registration deadline for that event has passed

The square itself also has a CSS class:

  • tx-seminars-pi1-square

This allows you to configure the color of the square in detail, depending on the number of vacancies. The default stylesheet uses:

  • green for more at least three vacancies
  • yellow for one or two vacancies
  • red for “no vacancies” and for canceled seminars

The corresponding part of the default CSS file looks like this. You can do this likewise in your own style sheet:

.tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-available .tx-seminars-pi1-square {

background-color: #00a500;

color: inherit;


.tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-2 .tx-seminars-pi1-square, .tx-seminars- pi1-vacancies-1 .tx-seminars-pi1-square {

background-color: #ffff3c;

color: inherit;


.tx-seminars-pi1-vacancies-0 .tx-seminars-pi1-square, .tx-seminars- pi1-cancelled .tx-seminars-pi1-square {

background-color: #c30000;

color: inherit;