This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Release checklist

The following points are checked before a new version is released. This workflow is started as soon as all open to-do items for the upcoming version are done. Responsible for this is the chief developer (Oliver Klee).

  1. If this is a major release, drop this extension’s DB tables and re- create them.
  2. Run all unit tests.
  3. Remove completed tasks from the “Known Problems” part of this manual.
  4. Enter the release date for the current milestone in the changelog.
  5. Remove the directory tests/ and all .svn directories.
  6. Check the Extension Manager if there are no warnings.
  7. Generate a new ext_emconf.php (updating the MD5 hashes for all files).
  8. Upload the extension to the TER.
  9. Check in the actual ext_emconf.php to the SVN (comment: new version).
  10. Create an SVN tag.
  11. If this is a major release:
    1. Create an SVN branch.
    2. Enter the next milestone in the bug tracker.
    3. Change the version number in ext_emconf.php to x.y.99 and check in the changes to the trunk (not the branch!).
    4. Move maintenance bugs to the next maintenance version.
    5. Remove the old upgrade notes in the trunk manual and new notes for the next version.
  12. Enter the new (upcoming) version into changelog.txt.
  13. Enter the just-released version in the bug tracker.
  14. Important: Wait until the new version appears in the TER (this may take some time).
  15. Update the extension on the translation server (Mario)
  16. Inform the persons that are known users of this extension and persons that were in contact with the development team (concerning this extension).
  17. Spread the official announcement to the newsgroup.
  18. Do a party :-)