This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Installing the extension

Conflicting extensions: This extension cannot be installed if you have one of the following extensions installed:

  • sourceopt

Required extensions: This extension requires the following TYPO3 extensions to be installed beforehand:

  • static_info_tables
  • oelib
  • mkforms
  • felogin : If you want FE users to be able to log in so that they can register for events, you should also install a login extension like felogin .
  • sr_feuser_register (optional): If you want FE users to create their accounts themselves, a self-registration extension like sr_feuser_register is recommended.
  • onetimeaccount (optional): If you want users to be able to register for events without having to use a FE login, please use the onetimeaccount extension.

Then you can install this extension.

If you’re using all three extensions seminars , onetimeaccount and cal_ts_service , the extension seminarscalredirect might be useful for you.

In the Extension Manager, there will be some options. Make sure to save these options at least once (even if you don’t change them). The default values are good for starters.

  • You can disable the automatic configuration check when this extension is installed and you have finished the complete configuration for the BE and the FE. Disabling the automatic configuration check will improve performance a bit. When you upgrade to a newer version of the extension, you should enable it again and check whether there are any warnings on the FE pages with the plug-in on it.
  • Enable “Use the page browser” only if you have upgraded from an older version and you have distributed your organizer, speaker, location etc. records to more than one folder and you cannot move them. It is no problem to have registrations or events in different folders, though.
  • Disable “Select topic records from all pages” only in one of the following two cases:
    • if you have really a lot (like about 20 or more) event topic records
    • if you already have created lots of complete event records and you now are just starting to use the topic/date separation for events
  • You can enable “Manual sorting of events” if you want to apply manual sorting (with the little up/down arrows) to events in the back end. By default, events are sorted by begin date. Note: This setting only applies to the back end and has no effect on the front end whatsoever.
  • You can choose the “Format of e-mails for attendees” to send text e-mail, HTML e-mail or HTML e-mail if the user enabled it. So that HTML e-mail will be send to the attendee of an event.

In your TS setup, please set config.language and config.locale_all so the extension will use the correct language in the front end.