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Setting up the Scheduler task

This extension offers a Scheduler Task to trigger actions. It can be configured to send reminders to the events’ organizers

  • if a confirmed event is about to begin, or
  • if the speakers’ cancelation deadline of a neither confirmed nor canceled event has just passed.

The reminders are e-mails with a localized text and the list of registrations appended as CSV.

To setup the CLI, do the following:

  1. Set up the Scheduler as described in the manual of the Scheduler extension.
  2. Choose/create a FE page where to do some TS setup configuration for the Scheduler task and configure the following:
  • Set the option “ sendCancelationDeadlineReminder ” to 1 to enable the cancellation deadline reminder.
  • For the option “ sendEventTakesPlaceReminderDaysBeforeBeginDate ”, set the number of days before an upcoming event, when to send a reminder to the organizers. Setting zero will disable this reminder about an event taking place.
  • In order to customize the appended CSV, the options “ filenameForRegistrationsCsv ”, “ fieldsFromFeUserForEmailCsv ”, “ fieldsFromAttendanceForEmailCsv ” and “ showAttendancesOnRegistrationQueueInEmailCsv ” are relevant. Please consider the corresponding section about CSV-File Attachmentfor more details.
  1. Add a seminars Scheduler task and provide UID of the page with the configuration.

CSV-File Attachment

The mails send via Scheduler can contain a CSV file with the registrations to the event the mail is sent for. To customize the contents of the CSV file use the following options:

  • fieldsFromAttendanceForEmailCsv ” and “ fieldsFromFeUserForEmailCsv ” customize the fields which are exported in the CSV file. Please note that the CSV files always contains the columns for the data from the registration records first and then data from the corresponding FE user record.
  • filenameForRegistrationsCsv ” determines the name of the attached CSV file.
  • showAttendancesOnRegistrationQueueInEmailCsv ” determines whether registrations on the waiting list, should also be exported via CSV.

** Daily digest of new registrations **

The Scheduler task also can send a (usually daily) digest of new registration. This functionality can be enabled and configured via TypoScript setup in the namespace plugin.tx_seminars.registrationDigestEmail.

The emails will use the language that has been set as default language for the Scheduler back-end user.