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Backend module

Open the the backend module “Events” from the TYPO3 backend menu and next select a sysfolder containing your events.

To filter in the list of events, use the 3 search-fields title, startdate and enddate.

Available actions

The backend module contains 2 actions in the upper left.

Actions of the backend module
  • The first action creates a new event
  • The second action does the same as the cronjob, it hides/removes expired registrations

CSV export

With the backend module, you can export a list of participants for events, which are enabled with the registration option. If the list of fields exported does’nt fit your needs, you can adjust the fields in the module TypoScript settings as described in the configuration section of this extension.

Make sure the user (or user group) has read and write access to the default upload folder (or options.defaultUploadFolder in User TSconfig)

Note: If you have a TYPO3 website with multiple backend users or groups who should be completely separated from each other, it is highly recommended to configure a different upload folders for each backend user or group.

Sending custom notification

For events which are enabled with the registration option, you can also send custom e-mail notification to the participants of the event. Press the “+” icon to get to the view, where you can select the custom notification template.

Actions of the backend module

If you want to create a custom notification, you just need to add some TypoScript and a Fluid template for the new custom notification. Please refer to the manual in the administration section of this extension.