This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Completely new fieldsΒΆ

If the existing fields are not enough for the content element and storing the extra fields in a flexform is not the right solution (the fields need to be indexed for example) then the solution would be to add extra columns to the tt_content table.

This example is not present in this demonstration sitepackage, but since the previous examples already explained the necessary changes in TCA for a new content element it shouldn't be very hard to implement.

The new tt_content fields need to be included in a ext_tables.sql file and the basic field configuration needs to be added to the 'columns' section. By looking at the tt_content TCA file in the core there is enough inspiration; further details can be found in the TCA documentation.