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EXT: Solr Administration

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Keywords:solr, administration
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EXT: Solr Administration

Extension Key: solradmin

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Keywords: solr, administration

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Table of Contents

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`Introduction 3 <#__RefHeading__288_1004808977>`_

What does it do? 3

Screenshots 4

`Users manual 7 <#__RefHeading__316_1004808977>`_

`Known problems 8 <#__RefHeading__318_1004808977>`_

`To-Do list 9 <#__RefHeading__320_1004808977>`_


What does it do?

This module allows you to administer your typo3 solr installation. You can directly access your solr module, search records with a typo3 interface, delete some specifics records and do other operations (commit, empty, optimize...). This extension work with multicore installation. If your solr extension detect the connections, this module will detect it, so check and validate your configuration with the solr report.

Note : you need to have the great extension “SOLR” correctly configured :


Solr admin module


typo3 solr admin module


empty, commit and optimize selected index


info → web module (example with tt_news records)


single view of a record with all fields


Users manual

Just install the extension and go to the module.

Known problems


To-Do list

If you have some ideas/improvements, contact me!

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