This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.


** newer versions **

Check the github history:

0.8.6 – 9.4.2015

Reinstated the TypoScriptFrontend controller hook for correct rendering of both cached and non-cached variables.

All deprecated features like headerComment were reinstated too.

0.8.0 – 6.11.2014

Rewrite: Rewritten the extension. PageRenderer hook is now being used instead of the TypoScriptFrontend controller.

0.5.12 – 21.7.2009

bugfix: COA_/ USER_INT Objects will now also be passed through sourceopt.

0.5.8 – 11.2.2009

utf-8 support is now optional, thanks to Rene Stäker.

0.5.8 – 6.2.2009

Bugfix: utf8 letters

0.5.7 – 30.1.2009

Bugfix: long html outputs where killed

New: removing of obsolete functionality

New: general code cleanup


Bugfix: pass by reference bug – thanks toMathias Brodala


Bugfix: “$”


Bugfix: compatibility to typo3 Version 4.2.0

Bugfix: compatibility to xx_INT Objects


Bugfix: also non cached output should be transformed via sourceopt


Bugfix/Change: using an fe-hook instead of xclass, there for the extension now is more compatible and the result of sourceopt is cached. An esseantial feature if using with nc_staticfilecache (or fl_staticfilecache)

New: debugComment

Change: conditional comments for InternetExplorer are now saved by default


Change: update of manual, adaption of constant-editor

Bugfix: FormatHTML: Changed the tab-increase-pattern from <col* to <cols*, so that you no longer get a tab increase on <colgroup*>. (thanks to Tilman Moser)

Bugfix/Change: FormatHTML ignores now Comments / Styles and Scripts, since Scripts intended to break, when you deal with html-Code as Strings in Javascripts. (thanks to Tilman Moser)

New: If tabSize is specified in conf-Array, tab is n x Space, else it's t (thanks to Tilman Moser)


New: removeRealUrlBrokenRootLink

New: formatHtml uses tabs instead of white space for formatting. That leads to smaller files

New: formatHtml removes double blank space

Bugfix: line 309


Bugfix:keep line breaks in <script and <![CDATA[

New: MoveInlineCSS supports the field as string/stdwrap, resulting as attribute like <link rel="stylesheet" href="xyz.css" media="string text" /> (thanks to Daniel Wegener)

Bugfix: formatHTML 4 will no longer eat spaces before and after inline-tags (changed: killLineBreaks does no longer trim(), just killing linebreaks) (thanks to Daniel Wegener)

Bugfix: The starting xml-tag of XHTML-Documents will no longer be handled as (unclosed) box-element. (thanks to Daniel Wegener)

Change: Some code-cleanup. (thanks to Daniel Wegener)

0.4.1 - 0.4.4

Bugfix: minor bugs


Change:names of the objects with no "_" but with humps like normally in Typo3

Change:default TS includes some Typo3-core options that help cleaning the code

Change: TYPO3 Copyright stays in the code even when header comments are removed. It still can be removed by deleting one line in the TS default configuration.

New:moveInlineCss, moveInlineCssFile = cause it does in some regard a better job than config.inlineStyle2TempFile

New: removeComments = 3 (only Head),

New: keepComment = an array to define which comments should be saved from removeComments (useful for indexed_search),

New: headerComment = an additional header comment

New: formatHtml = Formats the code beautiful and easy readable.

Bugfix:conflicts with some combination of options

(by Ronald Steiner)


Bugfix: Some options didn't have any effect although enabled


Bugfix: The option trim_lines now also removes tabs. The option remove_tabs has been removed.

Change: The option keep_typo3_copyright has been removed (see next point)

Change: Removed three options: remove_script_cdata, move_inline_css, move_inline_css_file, as these options are now in the core-engine included and remove_script_cdata removed the JS for spamProtection too (thanks to Brikou and Christian Meyer)

Change: To remove comments you have now three options: don't remove them, remove them only from the body or everywhere (thanks to Bernd Hanisch)

Bugfix: The option remove_new_lines now also removes space between tags that don't contain any string

New: Remove breaks, empty lines and trim lines: you can limit it to the body or still do it everywhere (thanks to Bernd Hanisch)

Change: Some general improvements of source code (thanks to Bernd Hanisch)


New option: alternate_html_xhtml_language


New option: Keep the copyright comment if you remove comments

New option: Replace the clear.gif with a string eg. 1.gif

New option: Remove attributes from the <body>

Bugfix: It's now also possible to remove the blur-script under typo 3.6.0 RC1