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You get a simple API to talk to your SuiteCRM. Use the Class \JAKOTA\SuitecrmConnector\Utility\SuiteCrmApiUtility


Possible hook examples. Input parameters are:

Name Description
getLoginStatus() Returns the login status If everything is fine this will be 'OK' otherwise this contains a error.
getSettings() Returns the settings as associative array
getApiUser() Returns the login request answer as stdObject, if the login failed this will be false.
call($method, $parameters) Sends a post request to the crm api
formatNameValueList($array) Formats a PHP associative array to a crm api compatible name-value list.



$loginStaus = $this->suiteCrmApiUtility->getLoginStatus();
if ($loginStatus == 'OK') {
        // Okay we can do a call()
} else {
        // There is no session id, better check the error.


    // use the Settings in a Fluid template
    $apiSettings = $this->suiteCrmApiUtility->getSettings();
    $this->view->assign('crmUsername', $apiSettings['user']);
$this->view->assign('crmPassword', $apiSettings['password']);
$this->view->assign('crmURL', $apiSettings['url']);
$this->view->assign('crmApplication', $apiSettings['application']);


// use the Settings in a Fluid template
$apiUser = $this->suiteCrmApiUtility->getApiUser();
if ($apiUser) {
        // There is a user, so the login works, lets check the session id

call($method, $parameters) and formatNameValueList($array)

 * Example Controller
class SomethingWithSuiteCrmConnectionController extends ActionController {

     * suiteCrmApiUtility
     * use the inject feature to have the connector in your controller.
     * @var \JAKOTA\SuitecrmConnector\Utility\SuiteCrmApiUtility
     * @inject
    protected $suiteCrmApiUtility = NULL;

     * retrieveRecordsAction
    public function retrieveRecordsAction() {

                // Build the request data array note, that there is no session id.
                // call() puts the session id by its own. formatNameValueList() is
                // used to bring an array to the form that link_name_to_fields_array
                // requires
        $get_entry_list_parameters = array(
            'module_name' => "Contacts",
            'query' => "",
            'order_by' => "",
            'offset' => "0",
            'select_fields' => array(
            'link_name_to_fields_array' => array(
                    'email_addresses' => array(
            'max_results' => '2',
            'deleted' => 0,
            'Favorites' => false,

        $response = $this->suiteCrmApiUtility->call('get_entry_list', $get_entry_list_parameters);