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EXT: Adminer

Author:Jigal van Hemert
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Keywords:forEditors, forAdmins, forBeginners
Author:Jigal van Hemert

img-1 img-2 EXT: Adminer

Extension Key: t3adminer

Language: en

Version: 1.4.0

Keywords: forEditors, forAdmins, forBeginners

Copyright 2011-2014, Jigal van Hemert, <>

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Table of Contents

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Features 3

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Installing t3adminer 6

Configuration 6

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What does it do?

Adminer ( ) is a lightweight alternative for the well known tool phpMyAdmin. Adminer provides most of the functionality you need when dealing with a database.


On the Adminer website is a full comparison with phpMyAdmin, but some of the highlights are:

  • support for other database systems
  • flexible interface for creating, altering tables
  • full support for views, triggers, routines, events, foreign keys
  • inline editing of field values (multiple records in one operation)
  • faster and a lot smaller than phpMyAdmin


img-3 It starts with a list of all available tables and views.

img-4 Inline editing of content.

img-5 Easy interface for modifying table structure.


Free support for the extension part is provided through various TYPO3 lists (e.g., typo3.english,

For issues and support of Adminer itself, see the Adminer website.

User manual

Adminer is only available for administrators.


Installing t3adminer

Download the extension and install it in the Extension Manager.


img-6 In the Extension manager there are two settings to restrict access to the Adminer module:

  • Access from IPs [IPaccess] : a comma separated list of IP addresses can be specified here which have access to this module
  • Apply devIpMask [applyDevIpMask] : if set only the IP adresses from the devIpMask setting in the Install Tool have access to the module. This setting has priority over the previous one.

A third setting is for the export function:

Export directory [exportDirectory] : path to the directory where the export files are stored if the option “Server” is selected. This can both be a path relative to the webroot or an absolute path on the server (starts with a “/”). If the setting is empty the directory for the fileadmin as set in the Install Tool will be used.


It has zero configuration (apart from the optional settings in the Extension Manager), so it should work out of the box. The extension automatically sends the TYPO3 database credentials to Adminer.

The extension detects the DBMS configured in TYPO3 (all DBAL supported systems are also supported by Adminer) and makes Adminer use this DBMS.

Known problems

non so far

To-Do list

option to restrict usage to the TYPO3 database


Translations are included inside Adminer. The extension merely sets the language according to the TYPO3 backend language (as far as Adminer supports this language).


see the file “Changelog”