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====================================== Add ccEmailField to postProcessor of the sysext Form (TYPO3 V 7 LTS) ======================================

What does it do?

This extension takes the content a field and uses this content (an e-mail address) when sending the form as CC address.

To do this MailPostProcessor.php of form is extended, see here:


Diese Erweiterung nimmt den Inhalt ein Feldes und nutz diesen Inhalt (eine E-Mail Adresse) beim Versenden des Formulars als CC Adresse. Damit erhält der Absender des Formulars eine Kopie.

Example of a Configuration as Form Content

method = post
prefix = tx_form
confirmation = 0
postProcessor {
    1 = mail
    1 {
        ccEmailField = email # uses field named "email"
        recipientEmail =
        senderEmail =
        subject = Test of ccEmailField
        messages {
            success = TEXT
            success {
                value = <p>See you</p>
10 {
    type = email
    name = email
    placeholder = Email
    required = required
    label {
        value = Email
20 {
    type = submit
    name = submit
    value = Submit

Tested in TYPO3 7 LTS only

I tested this in TYPO3 7 LTS, not in TYPO3 8


v 0.0.1: initial version


Public Domain


Fabian Thommen,, taywa gmbh, Zürich, 2016


zip this extension for upload to extension repro on

zip -r ../ *